Janina C. Brügel – Frau Biberbach

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Janina C. Brügel – Frau Biberbach

From the series „Kaspar Hauser or the Lethargy of the Heart“

2017 – Acrylic on canvas – 115 x 90 cm

„Kaspar Hauser or the Lethargy of the Heart“, depicts portraits of the people who significantly shaped Kaspar Hausers´ life. These character studies emerged after meticulously studying texts (witness statements and letters from the people portrayed, scientific papers and Jakob Wassermann’s novel „Kaspar Hauser or the Lethargy of the Heart“).

Since 2003 Janina C. Bruegel has been working continuously on her pictures of people; passionately driven by a specific theme (historical, socio-critical) or a text (lyrical, literary). In her paintings she intertwines the past with the present, and poetry with the art of painting.

Janina Bruegels paintings show people in their complexity and multidimensional nature and make one aware of how elusive any perfunctory observation can be: colors as brilliant as the rainbow, gaudy patterns on the edge of tastelessness and decorative compositions initially imply innocent merriment and undisturbed gaiety. But in examining the scenes more closely, the colorful paint flakes off revealing naked human souls lying open and vulnerable at the feet of the observer. The people in the paintings are real, living and breathing, loving and suffering; some are happy or disappointed with life. Janina Bruegel’s portraits are haunting and authentic and reveal a great empathy and psychological acumen.

Both these qualities lead you to surmise that Janina Bruegel is not only a painter but also a medical doctor: close relationships with and responsibility for people who find themselves in absolutely exceptional circumstances, people who feel they have lost any control of their lives and experience helplessness. These people have indeed heightened her insight and as they allowed her to see their innermost needs and spiritual abysses and deepened her spiritual connection with her fellow human beings.

People and the art of painting, body and art, authenticity and superficiality, pictures and poetry, realism and expressionism, past and present, psychological acumen and intuition – in Janina Bruegel´s paintings all these blend together in her work and form a strong unity –  which celebrates expression, lavishes color and touches all the senses – long live humanity! (or humanity is alive).

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