Margarete Schrüfer – Herbst in Simulacrum V

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Margarete Schrüfer – Herbst in Simulacrum V

2021 – Giclée print – number 1 out of 3 prints – 110 x 132 cm – framed

signed and numbered by the artist

Margarete Schrüfer follows in the creating process of her artworks Japanese traditions. She produces paper flowers and plants according to origami principles and records this process photographically.

In a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, each origami flower is folded by the artist herself, the individual stages of development are photographed and then superimposed.

This creates a blurred and unique look that has a high painterly quality. After studying in Japan, she integrated this ancient Japanese art of origami folding into her art and dedicated entire series of pictures to it.

Margarete Schrüfer lives and works in Nürnberg, Germany. She is a “Meisterschüler” of artist Ottmar Hörl from the year 2002 and perfected her art since then.

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