Massimiliano Maddalena, Barcelona 3

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Massimiliano Maddalena, Barcelona 3

2021, 40 x 40 cm, Fine Art Photo Rag, number 1/13, signed


Massimiliano Maddalena is a photographer from Barcelona, who depicts Skycrapers and prefabricated buildings in a highly concrete way. Look at the details in den windows and on the balconys.

Massimilano Maddalena was born in Formia, a city located on the coast of Italy, halfway between Naples and Rome. He obtained a degree in Literature and Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome, and after that he continued his studies in yacht design. It was then that his need to express himself led him to photography, which he would develop in a self-taught way until he studied Artistic Photography in Barcelona.

Probably this previous knowledge in other areas, led to a deep interest in the relationship of images and the medium that builds them. Not in vain, much of his production always leads to the intimate processes that allow connecting the external and the internal. His proposals are based on concrete concepts, which nevertheless allow the viewer a level of subjective dialogical interpretation with each work.

Like every artist, his process has been a constant search, not only in terms of the concepts he intends to develop, but also at the level of photographic experimentation. The benefit of digital technologies has allowed him to experiment and acquire new skills.

Massimilano Maddalena also works with analog cameras and in the darkroom. He uses techniques such as cyanotype, camera obscura, or salty paper.

Massimiliano Maddalena ist ein Fotograf aus Barcelona, der Bürohäuser und „Plattenbauten“ in äußerst konkreter Weise zeigt. Erst die Details eröffnen den Häusern eine menschliche Seite.

Massimiliano Maddalena wurde in Formia geboren, einer Stadt an der italienischen Küste, auf halbem Weg zwischen Neapel und Rom. Er absolvierte ein Studium der Literatur und Philosophie an der Universität La Sapienza in Rom und studierte anschließend Yachtdesign. Dann brachte ihn sein Bedürfnis sich auszudrücken, zur Fotografie, und Massimiliano Maddalena studierte Kunstfotografie in Barcelona.

Ein großer Teil seiner Fotografien beschäftigt sich mit intimen Prozessen, die die Verbindung von außen und innen ermöglichen. Seine Bilder basieren auf konkreten Konzepten, die dem Betrachter dennoch eine subjektive, dialogische Interpretationsebene mit jedem Werk ermöglichen.

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